Fitness & Weight Loss

A'staisora LLC

One of a kind  Woman's Wellness Studio

Wake up Beauty, it's time to Beast!

Eating right does not have to be difficult and fitness can be fun! I am here to show you how. 


My gentle holistic approach and natural solutions have improved the lives of many. I offer Theraputic Massage as well as Relaxation forms. 

Fitness Business Consultation

LMT, CPT, BB Coach

Massage, Fitness, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Energy Work, Fitness Business Consultation, Beach Body Coach, Skin Line, Supplements.

Jennifer Martinez

Imagine being in control of your finances, weight loss, fitness, and being able to work from home? I am building a team of confident people in charge of their goals, dreams, and lives.  I am here to help! What is your dream?

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